Audience & Purpose

Appropriate Format

A writer always crafts a piece of writing with an intended audience in mind. An audience can constitute one person or many persons. Who do you want to read your writing? In what ways will your work be appealing to that particular demographic? For example, car enthusiasts are a very different audience to bakers.

__Based on what is known about the audience, the writer will adapt their communication: __


Technical aspects of what they write and how they construct it.


Formal or informal approach to the writing


Deliberate word choices that aim to reflect feeling


Attitude toward the subject e.g. solemn, sarcastic, frustrated, condescending etc


In the question, you will be most likely told the purpose that you are expected to use in your response. You must be clear about what you intend to achieve by writing this piece. Each purpose accomplishes very different goals and creates different effects. Once your work has been read, what impression do you intend to have on them?

__Are you writing to: __


Describing an idea or problem; making it understandable through use of relevant facts and details.


Direct, command, recommend and/or teach someone a subject or skill


Giving reasons for or against a matter by using supporting evidence.


Convince others through sound reasoning and valid arguments

How many people can form an audience?
Your answer should include: One / More / Many
Explain the term register.
Your answer should include: Informal / Formal
What must you provide if you are writing to argue?