Question 2: Sourcing Information


You must be discriminate in identifying the main or key points in the source. Aim to make succinct yet comprehensive comments about both sources. Mostly paraphrase and seamlessly embed judicious quotes that are of most importance. Include slight inferences but do not proceed to inject with your own ideas and interpretations. Overall, you should aim to restate the facts!


Requires that you search for specific information. Quickly, read over the specified section to pinpoint key words and ideas. Once you think that you have located the relevant information, you need to reread it carefully to identify the pieces that you need to successfully answer the question.

Explicit Information

If something is explicit, it means that it is obvious, clear and direct. There is nothing obscure about the information and you can accept its meaning for what is literally said.

Implicit Information

Interpret the writer’s intended meaning so that you can fully understand the phrase or text. You can find implied meaning in the source but do not spend excessive amounts of time trying to find deeper meanings. You aim to convey what you read not your own assumptions.

When locating key ideas, what must you be?
Your answer should include: Discriminate / Succinct / Comprehensive
What should you keep in mind, when scanning a text?
Your answer should include: Subject / Specific / Information
If you include inferences, what must you not convey?