Question 1: Response Guidance

Mark Scheme

It is important that you understand the mark scheme, because this is what teachers are looking at to judge your work.

__I want you to focus on how you can get the top marks for each question: __

  1. Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas
  2. Select and synthesise evidence from different texts

Successful Response

__Make sure: __

  1. Answers are found between the lines given
  2. Answers must be true and supported by the text
  3. Answers must match the subject of the question
  4. Answers should be written in complete sentences
  5. Either quote or paraphrase
How many details must you find to answer the question?
Your answer should include: 4 / Four
How can you write your answer?
Your answer should include: Complete / Sentences / Quote / Quotations / Paraphrase
What skills do you need for this question?
Your answer should include: Identify / Interpret / Synthesise