Word Processing: Mail Merge

Word Processing: Mail Merge

Overview of Mail Merge

  • Acquaintance with Mail Merge as a tool used to create multiple documents at once.
  • Appreciation of the convenience provided by this feature in creating personalised letters, emails, etc.
  • Basic understanding of the data source, which is a list of data joined to form personalized documents.

Preparing for Mail Merge

  • Knowledge of the necessary preparation for a Mail Merge, including creating a main document and a data source.
  • The main document constitutes the basic framework (e.g. a letter or email body), while the data source comprises varying parts (e.g. names and addresses).

Steps in Conducting a Mail Merge

  • Learn how to start the mail merge process through the ‘Mailings’ tab in Microsoft Word.
  • Familiarisation with the different types of documents that can be utilised for Mail Merge, such as Letters, Emails, Envelopes, and Labels.
  • Learn how to select recipients for your mail merge, either by using an existing list, creating a new list, or choosing from Outlook contacts.
  • Understanding of how to insert merge fields in the document, which correspond to columns in your data source.

Previewing and Completing Merge

  • Familiarity with tools for previewing the documents before finalising the merge, thereby ensuring desired layout and format.
  • Learn how to finish and merge the document to proceed with printing or send via email.

Save and Reuse Mail Merge

  • Understanding the capability to save a mail merge document and reuse it with different data sources.
  • Knowledge of how to edit mail merge recipient list, adding new recipients or removing existing ones.