Use of foliage and plant material

Use of foliage and plant material

Use of Foliage

Purpose of Foliage

  • Foliage is the unsung hero of floral arrangements, adding depth, contrast, texture and fullness.
  • Filler foliage is used for filling gaps, while line foliage contributes to the form and structure of the composition.
  • It can play a key role in creating a visual backdrop against which the flowers stand out.
  • Foliage can extend the lifespan of an arrangement, as it generally lasts longer than flowers.

Types of Foliage

  • Foliage can be categorised as broadleaf or needlelike, each bringing different qualities to an arrangement.
  • Broadleaf foliage such as ivy or hosta leaves provide a solid visual base and can create bold contrasts.
  • Needlelike foliage like pine or fir brings a fine texture and linear quality, offering a softer contrast.

Colour Use in Foliage

  • Foliage is not limited to green. There are various shades of green, plus blues, silvers, purples, reds, yellows, variegated and even black.
  • Consider using coloured foliage to complement or contrast the hues of the flowers.

Use of Plant Material

Incorporating Various Plant Material

  • Plant material used in floral design can go far beyond blooms and leaves.
  • Consider bark, fruit, seed pods, twigs, stems and roots for extra texture and dimension.
  • Dried, painted or naturally coloured, these materials add a more rustic, naturalistic or even modern touch to the arrangement.

Sustainability of Plant Material

  • Aim to use sustainable, locally-sourced plant materials to minimize the carbon footprint of your designs.
  • Opt for seasonal, indigenous plants or materials to support local ecosystems.

Care of Plant Material

  • Certain plant materials may need special care, for example fruits might rot, or certain barks may shed.
  • Ensure that any plant materials used will maintain their appearance for the duration of the display.
  • Always clean, condition, and hydrate plant materials properly to ensure the longest possible lifespan of arrangements.