Techniques for creating funeral tributes (sprays, wreaths, posies)

Techniques for creating funeral tributes (sprays, wreaths, posies)

Preparation Techniques

  • Select fresh flowers and foliage that are of high quality and likely to last.
  • Ensure your workspace is clean to avoid unnecessary damage to the flowers or your design.
  • Gather all your material requirements ahead of time to ensure a smooth progression of your work.

Creating the Base

  • Construct a secure base using a foam frame for your design, ensuring it is soaked thoroughly for freshness.
  • Remember to secure your foam firmly to the tray if you are making a wreaths to ensure it does not move while designing.
  • For sprays, choose a suitably sized plastic base which often come with foam attached.

Assembling the Arrangement

  • Start by arranging your foliage to create a backdrop to your design.
  • When placing flowers in the foam, ensure they are inserted at an angle to maintain stability – straight insertions may weaken the design.
  • Keep in mind the shape and form of the arrangement while adding flowers – be it a spray, wreath or posy.

Colour and Texture

  • Use flowers and foliage of various colours and textures to create an appealing and balanced design.
  • Try to create a sense of rhythm and movement with your use of colours and flower placement.
  • Be cautious with your use of colours, ensuring it is not too vibrant for a funeral setting unless requested by family.

Finishing Touches

  • Add finishing touches like a ribbon or a card with a message if requested.
  • Check your design from all angles to ensure it is well balanced and visually pleasing.
  • Finally but importantly, take care with the transportation and placement of your arrangement to avoid damaging your design.