Boutonnieres and other wearable designs

Boutonnieres and other wearable designs

Overview of Boutonnieres and Wearable Designs

  • Understand the definition: A boutonniere is a floral adornment typically worn by the groom and his party on a formal occasion, most commonly a wedding.
  • Recognise the significance: Boutonnieres, like other floral wearables, bring life, colour, and personality to an outfit while also fitting into the wider theme or aesthetic of an event.
  • Know the key elements: Boutonnieres often consist of one or two small flowers paired with some complimentary foliage or floral accents.

Preparing for Wearable Floristry

  • Gather your materials: Boutonnieres require a few key supplies, such as a small, sturdy flower, filler or accent flowers, foliage, florist wire, boutonniere pins, floral tape, and perhaps ribbon for finishing touches.
  • Choose your focal point: The primary flower, often known as the focal flower, should tie in with the overall colour scheme and theme of the event.

Constructing a Boutonniere

  • Start with the focal flower: Strip any leaves or thorns, cut the stem to around two inches in length, and secure a florist wire along the stem using floral tape.
  • Build your design: Add the filler flowers or leaves around the base of the focal flower, securing each addition with floral tape onto the existing wired stem.
  • Finish the boutonniere: Once you’re satisfied with your design, wrap any remaining visible wire with floral tape for a neat and professional appearance. Optionally, add a ribbon to conceal the tape and add an extra touch of elegance.

Crafting Other Wearable Floral Designs

  • Corsages: Similar to boutonnieres, but larger and often worn by females. Corsages can be designed to coordinate with the boutonnieres worn by the male members of a party.
  • Flower crowns or floral headbands: Popular for festivals, weddings, proms, and other special occasions. They involve wiring individual flowers onto a circular band that fits comfortably on the head.

Tips for Wearable Floral Designs

  • Prioritise longevity: Choose flowers that can withstand being out of water for an extended period of time. Roses, carnations, orchids, and alstroemeria are popular choices.
  • Consider the wearers: Wearable floral designs should not only fit the event’s theme, but also suit the personal style and comfort of the wearer.
  • Practice good wiring technique: Secure, neat, and safe wiring is crucial in wearable floral design. Unobtrusive wires and tape ensure the focus stays on the flowers themselves.

Storage and Transportation of Wearable Designs

  • Proper care: Once created, keep the floral wearable in a cool place until it needs to be worn to ensure the flowers remain fresh.
  • Pack it properly: Transport wearable designs in a covered box lined with tissue paper to protect it from any damage.
  • Advice the wearer: Remember to tell the wearer that it should be pinned on the left lapel for men’s boutonnieres. Corsage etiquette varies, it can be worn on a wrist, lapel or even hold in hands.