Selection and preparation of plant materials for wired designs

Selection and preparation of plant materials for wired designs

Selection of Plant Materials for Wired Designs

  • Understand the requirements of the design: Before selecting the plant materials, you need to have a clear understanding of the design you want to create.

  • Choose appropriate materials: You need to select a range of fresh flowers, foliage, and plants that suit your design. The flowers and foliage should last the duration of the design without wilting.

  • Consider the colour and texture: You must consider the colour, forms, lines and textures when choosing plant materials, ensuring they work in harmony to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Take note of the location: The choice of plant materials might also be influenced by the environment where the design will be used.

  • Consider seasonality: Ensure your selected flowers and plants are seasonally appropriate to reduce costs and increase longevity.

Preparation of Plant Materials for Wired Designs

  • Prepare to work: Begin by setting out all tools and materials you will need. This includes the selected plant materials, wire, floral tape, ribbons, secateurs, and wire cutters.

  • Hydrate the plant material: Before starting your design, make sure your plant materials are well hydrated. This can be done by immersing the plant materials in water for an hour or two before use.

  • Clean and condition: After hydrating, clean up the plant materials. Remove any bad leaves or flowers and trim the stems at a 45-degree angle. This is to condition the plant materials for a longer life and better looks.

  • Reduce moisture loss: Moisture loss can spoil your plant materials. Consider using a sealant spray or floral foam to help reduce moisture loss.

  • Wire and taping: Plant materials are wired for support and positioned within the design. Then tape the wired materials together with floral tape which gives a neat finish to the design.

  • Check again: Once you have prepared all your materials, give them another check before you begin creating your floral designs. Any material that does not look fresh or is damaged can take away from the beauty and lifespan of your design.