Selection and preparation of plant material for tributes

Selection and preparation of plant material for tributes

Selection of Plant Material

  • Consider the symbolism of different plant materials, like ferns indicating sincerity or ivy symbolising eternal life.
  • Select materials based on the deceased’s personal preferences or family’s request and make sure your choice reflects the sentiment they want to convey.
  • Pay attention to seasonality. Some plant materials might not be available throughout the year.
  • Check the durability of your chosen plants. They should be able to withstand the conditions at the funeral and maintain their appearance for a lasting tribute.

Preparation of Plant Material

  • Start with cleaning the plant materials. Remove any damaged or diseased parts, including discoloured or wilted leaves and petals.
  • Hydrate the plants before you start your arrangement. This is vital to maintaining their appearance during the service.
  • Condition your plant materials by cutting stems diagonally and placing them in fresh, clean water. This enhances water uptake and extends their vase life.
  • Consider the use of floral preservatives. These can provide nutrients to the flowers, discourage bacterial growth and help maintain pH levels.
  • Preform wiring techniques if needed to provide additional support to the flowers and give the desired shape to your arrangement.

Creating the Arrangement

  • Begin with a frameWork of foliage. It can help to fill out the tribute and provide a background against which your chosen flowers can stand out.
  • Distribute your flowers evenly across the tribute. This is important for an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.
  • Make sure to construct the tribute with the view from all angles in mind. Most tributes will be viewed from multiple perspectives during a funeral service.
  • Maintain balance in your arrangement, whether it’s through colour, variety or size of the plant material.
  • Always take the client’s wishes into consideration. The tribute is a sentimental gesture, and it should fit the family’s vision.

Remember to practice preparation techniques such as cleaning, conditioning and wiring. They may seem minor but can significantly impact the overall look, durability and quality of the tribute.