Working with clients on special events (parties, corporate events, themed designs)

Working with clients on special events (parties, corporate events, themed designs)

Working with Clients on Special Events

  • Understanding Client Needs: Establish a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and preferences — this could range from the type of event, budget limitations, colour schemes, favourite flowers, to specific themes.

  • Theme and Design Consultation: Discuss the event’s theme with the client, if any, and based on it brainstorm about the possible floral arrangements. For example, a corporate event may require a more formal design compared to a laid-back garden party.

  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: Balancing client’s expectations with their budget is crucial. Offer alternatives like using in-season flowers or suggest reusing ceremony flowers at the reception, if applicable.

  • Presenting a Proposal: Draft a proposal outlining the design concept, cost estimate, and service terms for the client’s approval. This not only helps to manage expectations but also prevents any confusion down the line.

  • Prototype/ Sketch: Create a sketch or a small prototype of the proposed design. This allows the client to visualize the end product and suggest any changes beforehand.

Designing Special Event Arrangements

  • Importance of Unity: Ensure that the floral designs maintain a continuity and uniformity with the event’s theme, venue decor, and other elements.

  • Scale and Proportion: Keep in mind the size of the venue and the tables while designing the arrangements. A massive centerpiece may obstruct views in a small gathering.

  • Flexible Creativity: Being ready to adapt and modify your designs based on venue constraints, client’s feedback or availability of flowers.

  • Time Management: Remember that some designs need more time to prepare. Account for this in your planning, especially when event date nears.

Post-Event and Follow-up

  • Installation and Set-up: Ensure the proper and secure installation of all floral decor at the venue on the day of the event.

  • Post-event Service: Some florists offer services to remove and dispose of the floral arrangements post-event. Discuss this with the client during initial consultations.

  • Client Feedback: After the event, connect with the client for feedback about your designs and services. This helps in improving and building relationships for future events.