Newspaper Article: Audience

Newspaper Article: Audience Considerations


  • A newspaper article must be written with a distinct audience in mind, often determined by demographics like age, gender, occupation, or socio-economic status.
  • For instance, an article about summer fashion trends will likely target young and trendy readers, while a piece on retirement planning will appeal to an older audience.
  • Knowing who makes up your audience can shape the language, tone, and content of the article.


  • The reader’s field of interest plays a critical role in driving the article’s topic and angle.
  • If the audience is sports enthusiasts, an article may cover updates about a particular game, athlete profiles or predictions about upcoming matches.
  • For readers interested in politics, articles might dissect policy reforms, political events, or offer opinion pieces on the political landscape.

Geographical Location

  • Where the reader is based can influence the focus and scope of an article.
  • Local newspapers will feature articles revolving around community events, local personalities, or city council decisions.
  • For national newspapers, the content might discuss broader issues affecting the entire country or global matters of interest.

Reading Habits

  • Understanding your reader’s reading habits can impact the structure and length of your article.
  • Readers with short attention spans might prefer concise, easy-to-read articles loaded with bullet points and subheadings.
  • In-depth readers might enjoy longer reads offering a detailed analysis.

Reader’s Knowledge Level

  • Tailor the complexity of your writing to match your audience’s understanding and knowledge.
  • For a general audience, jargon and technical terms should be minimised or clearly explained.
  • For a specialist audience, detailed, technical language showing an in-depth understanding of the subject might be appreciated.

Emotional Engagement

  • The emotional interests of the readers can influence the tone and approach of an article.
  • Articles targeting readers who prefer hard-hitting, serious pieces might feature investigative reporting or analytical op-eds.
  • An audience inclined towards lighter reads might enjoy articles with a humorous or entertaining angle.