Newspaper Article: Form

Newspaper Article: Form

Overall Structure

  • A newspaper article aims to inform readers about a specific event, issue, or person.
  • The article should be divided into clear paragraphs each focusing on a different point or aspect of the story.

Headline and Byline

  • The headline should be catchy and concise, encapsulating the main point of the article. It’s often written in present tense and may use puns or play on words to attract the reader’s attention.
  • The byline usually includes the name of the reporter or writer and possibly, the source or newspaper name.

Standfirst (Lead Paragraph)

  • The standfirst or lead paragraph is a concise summary of the news story that answers key questions like who, what, where, when, and why (5W’s).
  • This section is designed to grab the reader’s interest and make them want to read on.

Main Body

  • The main body should provide detailed information supporting the lead paragraph. It should offer context, expand on the 5W’s, provide quotes, or present a variety of viewpoints.
  • The information should descend in importance (the inverted pyramid structure) with the most critical details at the top, moving to less important ones towards the end.


  • Direct or indirect quotes from people involved in the story provide authenticity and insight. They should be used sparingly and appropriately, always in support of the story.


  • The article should end in a way that summarises the main points or provides a final thought.
  • It might also hint at future developments or offer a call to action.

General Tips

  • Write in third person, use active voice and maintain a neutral tone.
  • Sentence length and structure can vary depending on the flow of the article, but should generally be clear and straightforward.
  • Pay attention to word choice - using vibrant verbs, adjectives and adverbs can make the reading experience more engaging.
  • When possible, use visual elements such as photos, infographics, or charts to enhance storytelling.
  • Fact-check information to ensure credibility.
  • Practice different types of newspaper articles: reportage, opinion pieces, feature stories, etc.