Travel Writing: Purpose

Travel Writing: Purpose


  • Travel writing is a form of creative non-fiction where authors describe places and experiences while traveling.
  • It aims to inform, entertain, and inspire readers and can feature a wide range of styles from factual guidebooks to narrative essays.

Informative Purpose

  • Travel writing often includes practical information about locations, landmarks, culture, or travel tips.
  • Details such as transport methods, accommodations, cuisine, or local customs are commonly presented.
  • The informative nature of travel writing helps readers make travel decisions or prepares them for their journey.

Entertaining Purpose

  • Travel writing can entertain readers with stories or personal anecdotes from the writer’s journey.
  • Engaging narratives and descriptive language aim to evoke emotions and create a mental picture of the location.
  • The entertaining aspect of travel writing allows readers to experience adventures vicariously through the author.

Inspirational Purpose

  • Through sharing personal insights and exciting experiences, travel writing can inspire readers to explore new places or cultures.
  • Anecdotes and stories can convey a strong sense of the place and its character, igniting readers’ wanderlust.
  • The inspirational purpose of travel writing often drives readers toward planning or going on a trip.

General Tips

  • Whatever the purpose, effective travel writing is detailed, vivid, and engaging.
  • The style and tone should be tailored to your target audience, taking into consideration their interests and what they would find valuable.
  • Always aim to convey a genuine experience, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of travelling.
  • Use varied descriptive language to recreate locations and experiences as vividly as possible.
  • Remember to include personal observations and reflections to give your writing an engaging and personal touch.