Informative Texts

Informative Texts and Their Features

Definition of Informative Texts

  • Informative texts, also known as expository texts, provide detailed information about a particular topic.
  • They aim to educate and enlighten the reader by providing facts, details and explanations.

Structure of Informative Texts

  • Informative texts often have a clear structure that includes an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • The introduction presents the topic, the body contains the bulk of the information, and the conclusion summarises the main points.
  • Clear headings and subheadings are often used to divide the text into manageable sections.

Language and Tone of Informative Texts

  • These texts use a formal and objective tone. The author refrains from personal opinion or emotive language.
  • The language is often detailed, precise and fact-based to provide a clear and comprehensible explanation to the reader.
  • They may include specialised vocabulary or jargon related to the topic they are explaining.

Purpose and Types of Informative Texts

  • The main aim is to educate the reader about a topic, so they often provide detailed descriptions, explanations, or instructions.
  • Types of informative texts include textbooks, scientific articles, encyclopedias, how-to guides, and news reports.
  • These texts strive to provide reliable and accurate information. Look out for evidence, data, and sources supporting the information.

Analysing Informative Texts

  • Read these texts carefully to understand their core messages. Look for the main idea or theme.
  • Note the facts and details provided, ensuring they support the main idea.
  • Identify the structure and how it aids in comprehending the information presented.
  • Be aware of any bias. Even within informative texts, the choice of topics, facts and the way they are presented could reflect bias.

Remember, the ability to understand and analyse informative texts is an essential skill. Recognising their key features and understanding their purpose will help in comprehending the details and gaining insightful understanding of the topic they present.