Reviews: Purpose

Reviews: Purpose

  • The central purpose of a review is to evaluate or critically assess something such as a book, film, product, performance, or place. It offers an informed opinion based on the reviewer’s experience.
  • A review serves to inform the reader about the essential features, positives and negatives, and provides an overall judgement or rating.
  • The review helps the reader make an informed decision about whether to read, watch, purchase, or visit the subject of the review.
  • It engages the reader with a balance of factual information and the reviewer’s personal opinion. This blend of objective fact and subjective judgement makes the review reliable and compelling.

The Influence of Reviews

  • Reviews have significant power in shaping opinions and influencing decisions. A positive review can increase interest and desire, while a negative review can discourage or warn off potential consumers.
  • By providing a personalised insight, reviews can deliver a more realistic and relatable perspective than standard product descriptions or promotional materials.
  • Reviews are also a form of entertainment in themselves. They can be enjoyed for their writing style, humour, and the reviewer’s unique take on the subject.

Considerations for Writing a Review

  • As a reviewer, you have a responsibility to be honest, fair, and balanced. Your review should accurately reflect your experience and perspective.
  • A review should be clear and concise, providing enough detail without overwhelming the reader. Travel reviews, in particular, should give a good sense of the place, atmosphere, and unique features.
  • Remember, your review is not just about expressing your opinion but also about helping the reader form their own. Therefore, justifying your viewpoints with concrete examples is vital.
  • A review can include both positive and negative aspects, but should always provide a comprehensive overview. The goal isn’t to persuade the reader one way or the other, but to present a complete picture of whatever is being reviewed.
  • While writing a review, bear in mind the target audience. Cater your review to the audience who would be most interested in the item or experience you are reviewing. Tailor the detail, tone, and language to suit them.