Travel Writing: Audience

Travel Writing: Audience

Armchair Travellers

  • One key audience for travel writing includes armchair travellers. These are individuals who enjoy reading about places and experiences from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Travel writers should aim to be vivid and descriptive in their narratives to help armchair travellers experience the journey through the writing.

Prospective Travellers

  • Prospective travellers forming plans for their next trip form another important group.
  • For this audience, it’s crucial to provide practical information, such as accommodation suggestions, transportation advice, and cultural insights.

Curiosity Seekers

  • Some readers might not have plans to travel but have a keen interest in learning about the wider world.
  • Valuable content for curiosity seekers includes historical backgrounds, local legends, and unique practices of the places being written about.

Genre Fans

  • There are also those who enjoy travel writing as a specific genre. They appreciate the literary quality and narrative style of such writing.
  • For these readers, the writer can focus on telling a compelling story about their travel experiences, making them feel more like literary narratives than mere travel accounts.

Businesses and services in the travel industry

  • Travel writing can also be a valuable resource for businesses and services in the travel industry.
  • This audience may appreciate coverage of their services or gaining an understanding of what travellers are currently interested in.

Advocates for ethical and sustainable travel

  • Another significant audience group is made up of advocates who are concerned about issues like over-tourism, environmental impact, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Travel writers addressing this audience should highlight ethical travel practices, the impact of travel on local communities, and the importance of respecting cultures and environments.

Remember, understanding your audience is crucial as it helps you shape your writing to meet their interests and needs, which makes your piece more engaging.