Travel Writing: Purpose

Travel Writing: Purpose

Understanding the Purpose of Travel Writing

  • Travel writing aims to inform and engage readers about different places around the world.
  • It seeks to educate readers about the history, culture, traditions, and landscapes of various destinations.
  • The purpose can also be to entertain through amusing anecdotes, interesting observations, or dramatic descriptions.
  • At times, it serves to inspire readers to explore and experience the places being described.
  • It may function as a guide, providing practical information and tips to would-be travellers.
  • Occasionally, travel writing might aim to persuade readers to visit a particular destination, akin to a promotional piece.

Identifying the Purpose in Travel Writing

  • Pay attention to the tone and style of writing. A light-hearted and amusing tone might signal an entertaining purpose, while a factual and instructive style might indicate an informative aim.
  • The use of descriptive language often suggests the writer’s intent to engage and inspire readers with vivid images of the destination.
  • Look out for information on transport, accommodation, food, and attractions. These practical details often indicate a guiding purpose.
  • Text with a strong emotional appeal might hint at a persuasive aim, enticing readers to visit the place being described.

Adjusting Writing Style to Suit Purpose

  • For an informative piece, present facts and details clearly and factually.
  • When the purpose is to entertain, incorporate humour, anecdotes, and interesting observations.
  • For an inspiring piece, use sensory language and vivid descriptions to paint a picture of the destination.
  • A guiding travel piece should include practical advice, like important tourist spots, local customs, best travel times, accommodation and food suggestions.
  • If the purpose is persuasive, utilise persuasive techniques, such as presenting the benefits of visiting the location, appealing to the reader’s emotions, or using statistics and expert quotes.