Speech: Purpose

Speech: Purpose

Establishing a Goal

  • Every speech should have a well-defined purpose or a goal, laying the groundwork for the entire talk.
  • The purpose is frequently linked to the audience’s needs or values.

Informative Speech

  • An informative speech aims to educate the audience about a particular topic, present new knowledge, or clarify complex concepts.
  • Information should be presented in a clear, organised, and engaging manner.

Persuasive Speech

  • A persuasive speech intends to convince listeners, change their attitudes, or encourage action.
  • To be persuasive, one must understand and address opposing views, include compelling evidence, and present a well-reasoned argument.

Entertainment Speech

  • An entertainment speech aims to captivate the audience and provide enjoyment.
  • It often involves storytelling, humour, and originality to create an engaging and memorable experience.

Inspirational Speech

  • The inspirational speech motivates listeners to reflect, strive for goals, or make positive changes.
  • To inspire, the speaker might use compelling narratives, uplifting language, and enthusiastic delivery.

Structural Consistency

  • A speech’s purpose guides its structure, content, and style. Consistency in these aspects results in a more convincing and effective speech.
  • Reiterate your speech’s purpose at key points, particularly in the introduction and conclusion, to ensure your message resonates.

Invoking Reaction

  • The ultimate goal of any speech is to invoke a reaction or a response from the audience - this could be changing their opinions, encouraging them to take action, reassuring them, or merely providing entertainment or information.
  • Gauge your audience’s reaction during the speech, and adjust your delivery accordingly.


  • Depending on the purpose, a speech often ends with a call-to-action, urging listeners to do, believe, or consider something.
  • Make this statement compelling, clear, and relevant to your speech’s purpose and the audience’s needs or values.