Newspaper Article: Form

Newspaper Article: Form

Headline and Subheading

  • The headline is short, catchy, and designed to grab the reader’s attention. It’s often using larger font and bolder print.
  • A subheading or strapline provides a bit more detail about the article’s content, further enticing the reader into the story.

Lead or Introductory Paragraph

  • The lead or introductory paragraph should contain the most important information, presenting the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the story. This follows the journalistic practice called the ‘inverted pyramid’.
  • The introductory paragraph serves to catch the reader’s interest and make them want to read on.

Paragraphs and Sentences

  • The main body of the article should have short paragraphs, each containing a single idea.
  • The use of short, straightforward sentences is common to maintain clarity and ease of reading.

Direct and Indirect Quotes

  • Direct quotes from people involved in the story add credibility and perspective.
  • Indirect quotes summarise what someone has said rather than using their exact words. They are often used to highlight important points in the narrative.

Use of Images

  • Newspaper articles include relevant images wherever possible. These can make the story more interesting and provide visual evidence or context. Sometimes, a caption will accompany the image and explain its relevance.


  • The closing may either wrap up the story, provide an interesting fact or quote, or leave the reader with something to ponder on.

Use of Language

  • Newspaper language is simple, factual, and objective. There’s common use of active voice and present tense.
  • Editorial or opinion pieces may have subjective language, aiming to persuade or express the writer’s viewpoint.

Attribution and Signature

  • Attribution of sources is mandatory. Whether it’s an interviewee quote or data from a report, they need to be correctly attributed.
  • The article ends with a signature, indicating the author’s name and sometimes their contact or social media handle for further interaction.