Properties of Electromagnetic Waves Part 2

Radio Waves

Radio waves (yes, are used for the radio) can be produced by oscillations in electrical circuits. When radio waves are absorbed they can create an alternating current with the same frequency as the radio wave itself. This means that they can induce (cause) electrical current in a circuit.

Generation of Light

Changes within atoms and the nuclei of atoms can result in EM waves being produced or absorbed over a wide range of frequencies.

Gamma rays are produced in the nucleus only.

Properties of Electromagnetic Waves Part 2, figure 1


Ultraviolet waves can cause damage to us humans. They can cause the skin to age prematurely and increase the risk of skin cancer. X-rays and gamma rays are ionising radiation that can cause mutations of genes which will lead to cancer. Ultraviolet can do this as well, but needs to act over a longer time frame than x-rays or gamma rays.

Where in the atom are gamma rays produced?
What are the dangers of ultraviolet radiation?
Your answer should include: Skin / Cancer / Age / Prematurely / Quickly