Uses and Applications of Electromagnetic Waves

Uses of Electromagnetic Waves

Different parts of the EM spectrum have different uses:

  1. Radio waves - radio and television
  2. Microwaves - satellite communications and cooking food
  3. Infrared - Electrical heaters, cooking food and infrared cameras
  4. Visible light - Fibre optic communications
  5. Ultraviolet - Energy efficient lamps, sun tanning
  6. X-rays - Medical imaging and treatments
  7. Gamma rays - Medical imaging and treatments

Explanation of Uses

It is important that you are able to explain why each type of EM wave is suitable for the practical application. Since each part of the EM spectrum has different wavelengths, frequencies and energies it allows them to have different uses or functions. All of the uses or functions depend on the how well the receiving end can absorb, reflect, transmit or refract the wave. Cooking food is to do with absorption whereas fibre optic communications is reflection.