Momentum is a measure of the mass and velocity of an object. A massive object and a tiny object can both have the same momentum, but the larger object must be travelling very slowly and the smaller object travelling really quickly.

Momentum Equation

You need to recall and apply this equation. Example:

Momentum, figure 1

Calculate the momentum of an athlete of mass 60 kg running at a velocity of 10 m/s?

p = m x v

p = 60 x 10 = 600kgm/s

5Mark Questions

Momentum is an easy topic to create five mark questions.

This is because we already know a number of equations that include mass and velocity!

Task: Write down all the the equations in this topic that include mass and velocity so you can see how it fits into momentum.

Calculate the momentum of a mouse of mass 500g scuttling through the grass at 3m/s
Your answer should include: 1.5kgm/s / 1.5
Calculate the mass of a mouse that has a momentum of 5kgm/s when it is scuttling through the grass at 4m/s. Give your answer in grams.
Your answer should include: 1250g / 1250
Calculate the velocity of a mouse of mass 250g scuttling through the grass with a momentum of 1 kgm/s.
Your answer should include: 4m/s / 4