Work Done

Work Done

Work done is defined as the amount of force needed to move an object a certain distance.

In essence, it is a measure of an energy transferred to or from an object which allows it to be moved.

There are different types of work, this one is mechanical work done and we have met electrical work done earlier on in the course.

Work Done Equation

The equation for work done is one that you need to be able to recall and apply:

Work Done = Force x distance


W = F x s

W = Work Done (Joules, J or newton-metres, Nm)

F = Force (Newtons, N)

s = distance (metres, m)


Work done against frictional forces acting on an object cause a rise in temperature of the object. This is why things get hot when they are rubbed together.

How much work was done in moving an object 2.5m with a force of 14N?
Your answer should include: 35 / 35J / 35Nm
How many Joules is 150Nm?
Your answer should include: 150J / 150
If a person had to do 12J of work on an object, how far has it moved if it was pushed with a force of 10N?
Your answer should include: 1.2m / 1.2