Me, Friends and Family: About Yourself

Me, Friends and Family: About Yourself

About Yourself

Physical Description

  • Use Ich bin… to say I am… followed by an adjective to describe yourself.
  • Some adjectives you could use are: groß (tall), klein (short), schlank (slim), dick (fat), sportlich (sporty), schön (beautiful), hässlich (ugly).

Personal Details

  • The verb heißen is used to say your name, for example: Ich heiße… (My name is…).
  • Ich wohne in… (I live in…).
  • Ich bin… Jahre alt (I am… years old).
  • Ich habe am… Geburtstag (My birthday is on…).
  • Meine Mutter/Father heißt… (My mother/father’s name is…).

Character and Personality

  • To describe your character, you might say Ich bin… (I am…) followed by an adjective.
  • Common adjectives for a person’s character include: freundlich (friendly), süß (sweet), lustig (funny), faul (lazy), klug (clever), nett (nice), unfreundlich (unfriendly).

Preferences and Interests

  • Ich mag… (I like…), followed by a noun or verb, to express a preference.
  • Ich liebe… (I love…), Ich hasse… (I hate…), and Ich genieße… (I enjoy…) can also be used in the same way.
  • Mein Lieblings… ist (My favourite… is) followed by a noun to share your favourites.
  • Express interest with: Ich interessiere mich für… (I am interested in…).

Daily Routine

  • Practice the vocabulary for daily routine actions like: aufstehen (to get up), frühstücken (to have breakfast), zur Schule gehen (to go to school), lernen (to study), schlafen gehen (go to bed).
  • Use the time with um (at) or in (in) followed by verb; for example: Ich stehe um sieben Uhr auf (I get up at seven o’clock), Ich gehe um acht Uhr zur Schule (I go to school at eight o’clock) etc.


  • Ich habe… (I have…), followed by a noun, to describe possessions.
  • Items to include might be: ein Auto (a car), ein Handy (a mobile phone), ein Haustier (a pet), eine Schwester or einen Bruder (a sister or a brother).

The key to success in this part of the exam is practice. Make sure you know these phrases and words well and are able to use them confidently and accurately.