Key Opinion Phrases

Key vocabulary learning skills

__Vocabulary learning skills: __

  1. To try and reduce the number you need to learn, try to use all the tricks you can e.g.

a. “ha ha it sounds like” – Laine = wool = a sheep called Len. (If it makes you laugh it is more likely to work. Our brains are funny like that!)

b. “ooh it reminds me of” – pantalon = a bit like pantaloons = those funny old fashioned trousers in your history books.

  1. At home, do it little and often - lots of breaks because it is boring!

  2. No background noise/music. (Music is good for concentration for most other HW but bad for memorisation HW – it just is. Sorry!)

  3. Learn the meanings first.

Cover up the English

Test yourself: Look – cover – say (the English) – check

Test yourself again: Look – cover – say – check (just ones you got wrong)

When you have 100% correct, move on

  1. Now learn the spellings.

Cover up the French

Test yourself: Look – cover – write (the French) – check

Look – cover – write – check (just the ones you got wrong)

        	When you have 100% correct, have a biscuit! 

Useful adjectives

Key Opinion Phrases, figure 1

How do you say ugly in French?
How do you say serious in French?
Translate: they are boring
ils sont barbants
Translate: 'j'était étonné par la nouvelle'
I was surprised by the news

Key verbs


· croire = to believe

· désirer = to desire

· détester = to hate

· dire = to say

· espérer = to hope

· (s’)intéresser à = to be interested in

· marre (en avoir) = to be fed up

· penser = to think

· préférer = to prefer

· promettre = to promise

· sembler = to seem

· supporter = to support

· vouloir = to want to

Translate: 'I am fed up'
j'en ai marre
Translate 'it seems interesting'
il semble interessant
Translate: 'si je le détestais, je ne le dirai pas'
Your answer should include: if I hated it / I wouldn't say so

Other opinions vocabulary

Key opinion phrases

· à mon avis = in my opinion

· ça dépend = it depends

· ça m’énerve = it annoys me

· ça me fait rire = it makes me laugh

· ça me plaît = it pleases me

· ça m’est égal = it’s okay

· ça ne me dit rien = I am not interested

· ça suffit = that’s enough

Translate 'ça m’est égal' into English
it's okay
Translate: 'it makes me laugh' into French
ça me fait rire