Foundation - Photo Description

What do I have to do?

Describe a black and white photo

Communicate 4 key messages (2 marks for each)

8 marks overall

How can I get full marks?

Keep it simple- il y a, c’est, ils sont.

Talk about what is actually in the photo, not colours, or what you think might be there or is not there.

There are always people in the photo (les gens)

There is nearly always a man (un homme)

There is nearly always a woman or children (une femme, des enfants)

They are always happy! (ils sont contents)

Il y a= there is


Steps to success

Learn these key words and use them as they are nearly always applicable

Il y a= there is

Ils sont= they are

Il est= he is

Elle est= she is

Un homme= a man

Une femme= a woman

Des enfants= children

Des gens= people

WAGOLL (what a good one looks like)


Il y a des gens

Il y a un homme

Il y a une femme

Ils sont contents

Foundation - Photo Description, figure 1

Why is it a WAGOLL?

Key messages conveyed clearly

Simple but accurate

Describes what is in the photo!