Local, National, International & Global Areas of Interest 3

Key vocabulary learning skills

__Vocabulary learning skills: __

__ __

  1. To try and reduce the number you need to learn, try to use all the tricks you can e.g.

a. “ha ha it sounds like” – Laine = wool = a sheep called Len. (If it makes you laugh it is more likely to work. Our brains are funny like that!)

b. “ooh it reminds me of” – pantalon = a bit like pantaloons = those funny old fashioned trousers in your history books.

  1. At home, do it little and often - lots of breaks because it is boring!

  2. No background noise/music. (Music is good for concentration for most other HW but bad for memorisation HW – it just is. Sorry!)

  3. Learn the meanings first.

Cover up the English

Test yourself: Look – cover – say (the English) – check

Test yourself again: Look – cover – say – check (just ones you got wrong)

When you have 100% correct, move on

  1. Now learn the spellings.

Cover up the French

Test yourself: Look – cover – write (the French) – check

Look – cover – write – check (just the ones you got wrong)

        	When you have 100% correct, have a biscuit!

Social issues


alcool l’ (m) - alcohol

alimentation l’ (f) - food

aller bien - to be well

aller mieux - to be better

(s’) arrêter - to stop

association caritative l’ (f) - charity

bonbon le - sweet

bonheur le - happiness

chocolat le - chocolate

combattre - to combat

déjeuner le - lunch

se détendre - to relax

devenir - to become

dîner le - evening meal

dormir - to sleep

drogue la - drug

se droguer - to take drugs

eau potable l’ (f) - drinking water

égalité l’ (f) - equality

en bonne forme - fit

en bonne santé - in good health

équilibré - balanced

espace vert l’ (m) - green area

éviter - to avoid

faible - weak

faire un régime - to be on a diet

fatigué - tired

forme la - fitness

fort - strong

fumer - to smoke

garder - to look after

gras - fatty

habitude l’ (f) - habit

malade - ill, sick

maladie la - illness

malsain - unhealthy

matières grasses les (f) - fats

médecin le - doctor

médicament le - medicine

obésité l’ (f) - obesity

odeur l’ (f) - smell

petit déjeuner le - breakfast

pressé - in a hurry, rushed/squeezed

se relaxer - to relax

repas le - meal

rester - to stay

réussir - to succeed

sain - healthy

santé la - health

(se) sentir - to feel

sommeil le - sleep

sucré - sugary

suivre - to follow

tabac le - tobacco

travail bénévole le - voluntary worklis

tuer - to kill

vide - empty

vomir - to be sick

Environmental issues


allumer - to switch on

bain le - bath

boîte la (en carton) - (cardboard) box

centre de recyclage le - recycling centre

chômage le - unemployment

chauffage central le - central heating

cultiver - to grow

en danger - in danger

déchets les (m) - rubbish

détruire - to destroy

disparaître - to disappear

douche la - shower

environnement l’ (m) - environment

éteindre - to switch off

faire du recyclage - to recycle

gaspiller - to waste

inondation l’ (f) - flood

jeter - to throw (away)

ordures les (f) - rubbish

pauvreté la - poverty

pétrole le - oil

piste cyclable la - cycle lane

pollué - polluted

poubelle la - dustbin

protéger - to protect

réchauffement de la Terre le - global warming

robinet le - tap

sac en plastique le - plastic bag

sans-abri le - homeless person

sauver - to save

utiliser - to use