Translations Into French

What do I have to do?

Foundation= translate 5 short sentences into French (35 words- 10 marks)

Higher= translate a longer paragraph into French (50 words- 12 marks)

A range of tenses and parts of the verb are included

Marks awarded for communication of key messages and application of grammar.

How can I get full marks?

Conjugation of key verbs is absolutely crucial for success.

Practise high frequency words and phrases.

Check carefully that all aspects of the translation have been addressed accurately,

particularly the little words like ‘on, in, at’.

Practise tense formation and verbs, especially when talking about other peoples’ actions.

To talk about possession (belonging to) use ‘de’ then the person e.g. ‘la pomme de Pierre’= Pierre’s apple- there is not ‘s’ in French.

Steps to success

  • Start by annotating on any cognates/ words you are sure you know
  • Identify the verbs and work out what tense they are in
  • Check what ‘person’ the verbs are referring to
  • Conjugate the verbs
  • Use what you understand to try and translate other words
  • Look for alternative words for those you really don’t know- could you rephrase it?
  • Check for small words like ‘on, in, from’ etc
  • Write up your translation
  • Check accents, spelling, conjugation and make sure you have not missed words out.