Role Play

What do I have to do?


You have 6 minute preparation time to prepare some responses to a series of bullet points.

You will be awarded 2 marks for communication for each bullet point plus an additional marl out of 5 for knowledge and use of language.

•Use 6 minutes of the prep time (approx 1 min 10 secs per bullet point)

•! = unpredicted

•?= ask a question

•Your teacher will speak first and have a script- so you just need to give your answers/ questions in order after each time the teacher speaks

•Any notes you make can be taken into the exam

•Communication is key

•Check for tenses- dernier/ prochain etc

•Predict what will come up for the unpredictable – think about what logically follows on and prepare answers for any you can think of

•Use ‘est-ce que’ and then a statement to make a question – remember to raise your voice pitch at the end of the question

•Take care with accuracy

•You will need to use ‘vous’ or ‘tu’


Tu parles avec ton ami(e) français(e) de l’environnement.

• Environnement – initiatives récentes dans ta ville (deux détails).

• Problèmes de circulation dans ta ville (un détail).

• !

• Réduction de l’énergie à la maison (un détail).

• ? Action pour améliorer l’environnement.

What does ? mean?
you must ask a question about the specific information next to ?
What does ! mean?
You will need to respond to something you have not prepared

How can I get full marks?


  • This is about communicating simple ideas clearly- don’t over complicate it
  • Read the blurb at the top and work out what the theme/ context is- your responses to each bullet point should link to this.
  • Read the blurb and see if you will need to use ‘tu’ or ‘vous’ (formal). This will mainly affect the formation of your question (see below) but you need to be aware of this.
  • At foundation you do not need to use a different tense.
  • != unpredicted- listen carefully and remember it will be linked to the rest of the role play.
  • Practise your questions- forming and asking them
  • Quand?= when?, combien?= how much/ many?, vous avez?= do you have? (formal), tu as?= do you have? (informal), oú= where, tu aimes?= do you like? (informal), vous aimez?= do you like? (formal).
  • Your question must relate to the word next to the question mark (e.g. fumer?) NOT a random question
  • Be specific with answers and don’t give additional information unless you absolutely have to.
  • You don’t need to give opinions and reasons unless the bullet point specifies.

Steps to success


  • Read the blurb- work out the context of the tasks.
  • Read the blurb- work out whether you need to use ‘tu’ or ‘vous’
  • Work out what each bullet point means
  • Prepare your answers to the three bullets without ? or !, using words from the bullet where possible
  • Prepare your question using words from the bullet
  • Predict possible answers to the !

WAGOLL (what a good one looks like)


Student 1

  1. Mon collège est grand. Il y a mille élèves.

  2. Je prends ma déjeuner.

  3. J’aime le science car c’est intéressant.

  4. Je veux rester à mon collège.

  5. Quelle est ta matière préférée ?

Communication (10 marks)

All tasks are communicated without ambiguity.

Knowledge and use of language (5 marks)

The student shows very good knowledge and use of language in relation to the tasks. There are only two minor errors of gender (ma déjeuner and le science).