Foundation - 40 Word Task

What do I have to do?

Respond to 4 bullet points

Write 40 words

Get the message across!

Use accurate verbs (any tense)

Use appropriate language

How can I get full marks?

Focus on communicating clear responses- keep it short, simple and with accurate verbs

Keep the sentences simple to ensure that a clear message is being communicated.

Aim to write roughly the number of words required- about 5 sentences.

Mention all of the bullet points, tick them off as you do, you don’t need to write the same amount about each one.

Steps to success

Work out what the topic is

Work out what the bullet points mean

Write down some accurate verbs for each bullet point

Write down key words linked to the theme

Write your answer, tick off each bullet point as you work

Check you work for - correct verbs, accents, agreement, spelling

WAGOLL (what a good one looks like)


Vous écrivez à votre ami(e) français(e) au sujet de la technologie. Mentionnez:

· votre portable

· l’internet

· les avantages de la technologie

· les inconvénients de la technologie

Ecrivez environ 40 mots en français.

J’ai un portable et c’est très cool. J’aime l’internet car c’est utile et génial. Un avantage est que je peux tchater avec mes amis sur les réseaux sociaux comme Facebook. Un inconvénient est que j’oublie mon mot de passe toujours!

Why is it a WAGOLL?

Clear messages

Accurate verbs


Answers all bullets

40 words