As You Like It: Writer's Techniques

As You Like It: Writer’s Techniques

  • Structure of the Play: Shakespeare carefully structures As You Like It to highlight the changing relationships between characters and the juxtaposition of court life and pastoral life in the Forest of Arden.
  • Atmosphere of the Play: The play features a diverse atmosphere, from the oppressive court life to the liberating forest life, which impacts the mood, tone, and actions of the characters.
  • Shakespeare’s use of Wordplay: Shakespeare imbues As You Like It with clever wordplay and puns, enhancing humour and underlying themes such as gender fluidity and the natural versus artificial debate.
  • Shakespeare’s use of Poetry & Prose: As You Like It uniquely combines both poetry and prose, showcasing the division between royalty and commoners, while allowing for rhythmic and lyrical dialogue.
  • Shakespeare’s use of Stagecraft: Through minimal sets and evocative dialogues, Shakespeare skillfully uses stagecraft to create a rich connection between the audience and the enchanting world of the play.
  • Shakespeare’s use of Symbolism: Symbols in the play, such as the contrast between the court and the forest, effectively signify deeper thematic messages about love, freedom, and the nature of reality.