Silas Marner: Writer's Techniques

Silas Marner: Writer’s Techniques

  • Structure of the Novel: Silas Marner uses a nonlinear structure, shifting between two settings and time periods, thus creating a mirror image of events that aids in highlighting the main themes and enhancing character development.
  • Atmosphere of the Novel: The novel creates an atmosphere of realism and rustic simplicity, contrasted with moments of mystery and supernatural elements, to explore the themes of isolation, transformation, and redemption.
  • Narrative in Silas Marner: The third person omniscient narrative style offers the reader insights into the thoughts and feelings of multiple characters, which aids in understanding their complexities and contradictions.
  • Language in Silas Marner: Eliot’s use of language varies from formal, direct and descriptive language to regional dialect, capturing the characters’ status, background, and the local colour of Raveloe.
  • Imagery in Silas Marner: Through vivid imagery of natural surroundings, physical characteristics, and metaphorical descriptions, Eliot emphasises Marner’s transformation and the changing dynamics of Raveloe.
  • Symbolism in Silas Marner: Eliot employs an array of symbolic elements, such as Marner’s loom, his gold, and Eppie, to suggest larger themes like alienation, materialism, and the redemptive power of love.