A Jet Ring Sent

  • Plot: A Jet Ring Sent revolves around the themes of love and mortality, with the speaker sending a ring to his lover, representing their eternal bond.
  • Structure & Language Techniques: Donne utilises metaphysical conceit in this poem, structuring it with complex metaphors and intense personal emotions expressed through language.
  • Themes & Linking Poems: Central themes of love, mortality and spiritual connection resonate with other Donne’s metaphysical poems such as The Sun Rising and The Good Morrow.
  • Key Quotes: “Thou art my heaven, and I thine earthen mould” embodies the metaphysical conceit, symbolism, and the deep bond between lovers seen throughout the poem.
  • Poet & Context: John Donne, a 17th-century English poet and clergyman, used unconventional wit, metaphysical conceits, and complex imagery through his poetry to explore themes of love, religion, and mortality.