Greater Jihad

  • Greater Jihad: This refers to an individual’s personal struggle to follow the teachings of Islam and to improve themselves morally.
  • Striving for spiritual growth: Greater Jihad involves daily efforts to resist temptation, to make good decisions, and to fulfil Islamic obligations.
  • The ultimate aim is to maintain purity of heart and achieve closeness to Allah.

Lesser Jihad

  • Lesser Jihad: This refers to the physical struggle for the cause of Islam. It can take the form of self-defence or the defence of Islam from oppression.
  • It’s essential to remember that the Lesser Jihad must be carried out in accordance with Islamic laws; it does not condone mindless violence or the harming of innocent people.
  • Participation involves sincere intention and legitimate cause. Jihad should not be waged for personal gains, material benefits or to expand power.

Understanding Jihad in the Modern World

  • In today’s world, the term Jihad is often misused and misunderstood; it is important to distinguish between the Jihad taught in Islamic teachings and the actions of extremists.
  • It is crucial to remember that Islam promotes peace and that the act of Jihad is to strive for a peaceful society.
  • Jihad can be used to promote social justice. It can involve speaking out against oppression and standing up for those who cannot defend themselves.