Understanding the Concept of Messiah

  • Messiah, in Judaism, refers to a future Jewish king from the Davidic line. This figure is awaited and expected by Jews to rule the Jewish people during the Messianic Age.
  • Unlike in Christianity, the Jewish Messiah is not seen as divine. He is a human, political, and military leader that will bring peace and unity to the world.
  • The coming of the Messiah will signify the redemption of the Jewish people and the world.

The Messianic Age

  • The Messianic Age is a future time of peace and harmony on earth where all people acknowledge and serve one God.
  • It is believed that during this era, the Third Temple will be rebuilt, and the exiled Jewish people will return to Israel.
  • The Messiah will be a wise and just leader, guiding the world towards universal observance of the Jewish concept of ethical monotheism.

Characteristics of the Messiah

  • Biblical texts suggest the Messiah will be a descendant of King David, and will follow Jewish law, defend the Jewish people, and rebuild the holy temple in Jerusalem.
  • According to Jewish belief, the Messiah should accomplish a set of prophesied events before being recognised as the Messiah. These include bringing world peace, ingathering exiled Jews, rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple and establishing a world governed by Torah law.

Different Jewish Views on the Messiah

  • Orthodox Jews believe that God will send a human Messiah in the future when the world is ready.
  • Reform Judaism and some branches of Conservative Judaism don’t usually use traditional Messianic concepts, but instead look to bring about a Messianic Age by promoting justice and righteousness in the world.