Units of Energy

Units of Energy

Fundamental Units

  • The joule is the derived SI unit of energy.
  • Calorie is another commonly used unit of energy in nutrition.
  • 1 joule is approximately equal to 0.239005736 nutritional calories.
  • The kilowatt hour (kWh) is a unit of energy commonly used in electricity metering.

Conversion Between Units

  • Grasping conversions can aid in comparing and interpreting energy data.
  • 1 calorie equals approximately 4.184 joules.
  • 1 kilowatt hour equals 3.6 × 10^6 joules.

Energy Contexts

  • Different units can be used in different context.
  • Fuels are often compared using mega joules per liter (MJ/L) or kilowatt hours per kilogram (kWh/kg).
  • Food energy is usually measured in calories (cal) or kilocalories (kcal).
  • Electricity is typically measured in kilowatt hours.

Remember, different units of energy are suitable for different contexts. Conversion factors allow us to compare energy consumption, usage, or efficiency in diverse situations.