Factors of Scale

Economic and social characteristics of a place are__ shaped by past and present connections.__

These can be regional, national, international or global influences.


  • Regional:

Political inclinations of the local/ county __councils. __

If there are any regional enterprise zones, county council or metropolitan areas policies on growth and development.

How strong the sense of community is.

  • National:

Accessibility to London and other UK leading cities.

Any major cities nearby and the impact on the place.

The political inclinations of the national government.

  • International:

If the place is directly affected by specific government/ EU policies/ designations.

  • Global:

Any global __brands __present whether retail outlets, branch factories or offices

Connection to other places in terms of __transport. __

How well connected to the internet the place is.

Involvement in global tourism.

Connections, figure 1

Connections, figure 2