Defining Shapes

Defining Quadrilaterals

Defining or classifying quadrilaterals will enable you answer some tricky quiz questions- is a square a rectangle or is a rectangle a square?

Defining Shapes, figure 1

Defining Shapes, figure 2

So technically, a square is a rectangle and a rhombus, but rectangles and rhombi are not squares as not all their angles and lengths are equal.

Defining plane figures with appropriate language

A plane figure is a 2D shape made up of lines and sometimes curves ( semi-circle/ circle).

A regular shape has equal lengths and equal angles.

Plane figures are defined primarily by their number of sides.

Defining Shapes, figure 1

Other names to note:

  • Nonagon = 9 sides
  • Decagon = 10 sides
  • Hendecagon = 11 sides
  • Dodecagon = 12 sides
What shape has four sides and no parallel lines?
What is the name of a 6 sided shape?