A Taste of Honey: performance conventions

A Taste of Honey: performance conventions

Understanding of A Taste of Honey’s Style

  • A Taste of Honey is a ‘kitchen sink’ drama, focusing on working-class life, gritty realism, and social realism, examining themes like family relationships, love, race, and class.

Character Portrayal in A Taste of Honey

  • Each character in ‘A Taste of Honey’ is complex and multi-dimensional. It’s essential for performers to convey these complexities to communicate the play’s intended meaning effectively.
  • Being a kitchen sink drama, authenticity in portrayal is crucial. Characters and their interactions should feel genuine and true to life.
  • The performers should embrace the emotional depth of the characters, whose emotions are raw and often volatile, while maintaining control of the scene.

Language and Dialogue in A Taste of Honey

  • The language in ‘A Taste of Honey’ is colloquial, regional (Manchester dialect), and straightforward, often including dry, hard-hitting humour.

Staging Considerations for A Taste of Honey

  • Originally written for theatre-in-the-round, it’s important to consider the use of the entire stage and audience engagement from all angles.

Symbolism in A Taste of Honey

  • The play uses various symbols like honey, bears, and thorns to represent underlying themes and ideas. Performers should recognise and incorporate these symbols into their performance.

The Role of Music in A Taste of Honey

  • Jazz music is a significant element in this play, creating a social and historical context and signifying Jo’s aspiration for freedom.

Time and Place in A Taste of Honey

  • The setting, a small flat in post-war Britain, is crucial for understanding the characters’ struggles. A clear representation of this environment is vital to the performance.

Adoption of Naturalism in A Taste of Honey

  • The performers should adopt the techniques of naturalism to make the performance believable and relatable, making the audience feel as if they’re observing real life.