Things I Know to be True: form

Things I Know to be True: form

Play Overview

  • “Things I Know to be True” was written by Andrew Bovell and co-directed by Geordie Brookman and Scott Graham.
  • It is a play that uses the form of both naturalistic and non-naturalistic theatre (also known as Physical Theatre), providing a unique blend of dialogue and movement.
  • The structure moves back and forth in time, following a linear and nonlinear narrative.
  • The play is made up of several vignettes with each one centring on a particular character and their personal conflicts.

Performance Technique

  • This fusion of physical and verbal storytelling is a significant part of the work’s structure, utilising ensemble movement sequences and monologues.
  • One of the most distinctive aspects of its form is the use of ‘frantic assembly’, known for its high energy physical theatre techniques.
  • Each character has their own standalone scene where they are given a moment for self-reflexion. This use of the spotlight moment is crucial in presenting the character’s complex emotions and perspectives.

Themes and Characterisation

  • There is a strong focus on the exploration of themes within family dynamics, achieved through dialogue and body language.
  • The language used tends to be colloquial, with elements of poetic dialogue, reflecting the realism of the familial relationships and enhancing characterisation.

Set and Technical Aspects

  • Sound and lighting are utilised in an emotive and symbolic way, particularly during transition periods between the scenes, to highlight tension and convey emotional states.
  • The use of props and set design in ‘Things I Know to be True’ are minimalistic, allowing the dialogue and physical representation of relationships to be the main focus.