Blood Brothers: language

Blood Brothers: language

Language Use and Characterisation in “Blood Brothers”

  • “Blood Brothers”, written by Willy Russell, uses language and dialect to vividly portray the characters and their backgrounds. The Liverpool dialect used enhances the realism of the text.
  • The language of the characters varies according to their social class. The more affluent Lyons family use formal, Standard English, whereas the working-class Johnstone family use colloquial language and Liverpool dialect, reflecting their social status and education.
  • Russell uses language to create strong characterisation. By giving each character a distinct way of speaking, he enhances their individuality and makes them more memorable.

Language Techniques and Effects in “Blood Brothers”

  • There is a wide range of language techniques used throughout the play, including foreshadowing, irony, and dramatic irony. For instance, the recurring song lyrics often foreshadow the tragic ending of the play.
  • The narrative and dialogue frequently switch between different points of view, allowing the audience to understand the emotions and thoughts of various characters.
  • Dialogue is used for dramatic tension, like in the last scene where it heightens the tension of the tragic revelation.

Symbolism, Themes and Motifs in “Blood Brothers”

  • Symbolism in language is important in “Blood Brothers”. For example,** shoes left on the table represent bad luck**, referencing the eventual, tragic fate of the brothers.
  • The language is also used to highlight the theme of superstition within the play, with Mrs Johnstone’s belief in superstitions and omens playing a significant role in the storyline.
  • The contrast in language between different characters also shows the stark social divide and inequality prevalent in the society at the time.
  • The use of song allows certain themes and motifs to be repeated and emphasised, aiding the dramatic effect of the play. The accompanying language in these songs often ties together significant plot points.
  • Throughout “Blood Brothers”, Russell also uses language to critique societal issues like class divide and societal superstitions, allowing readers to understand and engage with these themes more deeply.