Around the World in 80 Days: characters

Around the World in 80 Days: characters

Main Characters

  • Phileas Fogg: The protagonist of the story. A wealthy English gentleman, he is calculated and precise, never allowing himself to be rushed. He agrees to wager and travel the globe in 80 days as a matter of English pride and composure. Though his emotions are rarely shown, he is principled and always pays his debts.

  • Passepartout: Phileas Fogg’s faithful French valet. Offering contrast to his master, Passepartout is expressive and often the source of humour and adventure. He demonstrates loyalty by accompanying Fogg on their journey and performs many difficult tasks, physically overcoming challenges on their travels.

  • Aouda: An Indian princess who Fogg and Passepartout save from a ritual of self-immolation (known as sati). She is dignified and resilient, swiftly adopting English manners. Aouda’s relationship with Fogg is subtly expressed until the conclusion of the play.

  • Inspector Fix: A British detective erroneously believing Fogg to be a bank robber. He attempts to arrest Fogg numerous times throughout their journey, creating a source of conflict. Inspector Fix’s role is presented partially for comedic relief and he poses as an obstacle to Fogg’s journey.

Supporting Characters

  • The Reform Club Men: English gentlemen who challenge Fogg with the wager. They symbolise the larger, sceptical society in doubt of Fogg’s ability to accomplish the daring journey.

Characterization and Analysis

When revising, consider the differing character traits and motivations, as well as how each character interacts with the others. Evaluate their roles within the narrative and how their actions contribute to plot progression or theme development. Examine details in dialogue, stage directions, and dramatic techniques employed to vividly portray these characters. Attempt to link these characters and their deeds to the wider cultural, historical, and social contexts of the play.