Technician: daily activities

Technician: daily activities

General Responsibilities

  • Technicians are responsible for maintaining and operating the technical equipment like lighting, sound and stage machinery used in theatre productions.
  • Their day often starts with checking all the equipment to ensure it is working correctly.

Work During Rehearsals

  • During the rehearsals, they work with the director to understand their vision and create the desired technical effects.
  • Technicians also install sets and props and sometimes even help with costume changes.
  • They create, record, and sync up sound effects to match the action on the stage.

Lighting Work

  • Lighting work is another daily task that involves planning the lighting design, focusing lights, and operating the light console during the performance.

Trouble Shooting and Safety

  • If an equipment malfunction occurs, technicians are responsible for quick repair or replacement to ensure the performance can continue.
  • Technicians also carry out risk assessments and ensure health and safety guidelines are being followed in the theatre.

Post-performance Tasks

  • After the performance, technicians usually dismantle sets and equipment and store them properly for future use.

Communication and Continuous Learning

  • Communication with other crew members is key as technicians need to be well coordinated with the stage manager, director, and actors.
  • Continuous learning is a crucial aspect; technicians need to update their skills and knowledge with the latest technology trends in the theatre industry.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Tasks such as painting, decorating, and building props may also fall under the technician’s responsibilities.
  • Regular equipment inventory checks and managing rental equipment might also be part of their daily tasks.