Performance from a Text: Design Skills

Understanding Performance from a Text: Design Skills

Performance from a text introduces you to various design skills that play vital roles in the total theatre experience. It is not solely about acting, it also considers the technical aspects which are crucial for credible and impressive performances.

Set and Prop Design

  • Understanding how and when to utilise different props in enhancing a performance is crucial. This involves prop selection and placement to strengthen the narrative.

  • Learners need to understand how to best utilise a set and staging, which may involve rearranging components like backdrops to reflect different settings or moods.

Costumes and Makeup

  • Costume design and selection are key areas involving skills in identifying suitable outfits for characters based on varying factors such as era, status, and character personality.

  • Make-up application is an important design skill, requiring understanding of how to apply it to different characters to enhance their features and express their personalities.

Lighting and Sound Design

  • Lighting design requires an understanding of the effects of different types of light and how they can create certain moods or highlight significant moments in the performance.

  • Sound design involves the deliberate choice, placement, and handling of sound effects and music in the performance. This allows for the creation of a particular atmosphere or emotion.

Managing Health and Safety Regulations

  • Maintaining awareness of health and safety regulations is very important when designing and managing props, costumes, and sets to ensure the safety of the actors and others involved.

Other Technical Roles

  • Technical roles such as stage managing and prop set-up are also considered in this aspect of the unit. Skills in managing the logistics of a performance can be developed here.

Self-Reflection and Idea Development

  • Strong design skills are developed through self-reflexion and evaluation, enabling continuous improvement and understanding of the design process.

  • The ability to develop creative ideas, design concepts and communication with fellow actors and directors is nurtured in this section.