Devising: Health and Safety

Devising: Health and Safety

Understanding Health and Safety

  • Understand the relevance of Health and Safety practises in the drama production process. This includes knowing how to set up safe spaces, rehearse safely, and handle props appropriately.
  • Stay updated with current Health and Safety laws and regulations related to theatre and performance. This knowledge is a crucial part of the preparation process for any drama activity.

Identifying Hazards

  • Familiarise yourself with different potential hazards in the rehearsal space. These could be physical objects or materials, like loose wires or a slippery floor, or behavioural hazards, such as intense physical movement or loud noises.
  • Always conduct a risk assessment before starting the devising process. Identify potential hazards, evaluate the risk, and decide on precautions. This proactive measure helps to prevent accidents during rehearsals or performances.
  • Be mindful of extreme actions or high-risk stunts in your performance. These can pose risks to the safety of the performers and should be thoroughly risk-assessed and rehearsed under careful supervision.

Using Equipment Safely

  • Know how to use different types of equipment. This gives you a better understanding of how to maintain safety when using them.

Ensuring Safety During Drama Activities

  • Understand the responsibilities you have towards members of your group in ensuring their safety during drama activities. This could be in terms of respecting physical boundaries, maintaining a safe environment, or intervening when someone is at risk of harm.
  • Learn safe warm-up techniques. It’s important to begin any physical activity in drama, such as acting or dancing, with a proper warm-up to prevent injuries.
  • Be aware of basic first aid and how to access help in case of an accident. This includes knowing the location of first aid kits and how to contact the designated first aid person.
  • Consider audience safety in your performance planning. Ensure that performance spaces are safe for both performers and spectators. Be aware of fire safety regulations, as well as evacuation procedures in your venue.

Remember, being creative with your devising doesn’t mean you should compromise on safety. In fact, understanding and adhering to Health and Safety practises is a key part of a successful and professional performance.