Hansel and Gretel: language

Hansel and Gretel: language

Understanding the Story

  • Familiarize yourself with the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Knowing the plot, characters, setting, and themes will help you better comprehend the language used in the script.

Language Analysis

  • The language used in Hansel and Gretel is important as it advances the plot and provides information about characters, circumstances, and relationships.
  • When revising, pay attention to how dialogues contribute to the story’s progress.

Characters and Their Dialogues

  • Hansel and Gretel speak in a simple and clear way that reflects their innocence and naivety.
  • Their words contrast with the Witch’s language, which is deceptively kind initially but becomes cruel and impatient as the story goes on.

Use of Imagery and Linguistic Devices

  • Notice how various descriptors and expressions are used to create vivid images and atmospheres.
  • For example, the description of the breadcrumb trail or the candy house makes the audience taste, see, and feel the experience.
  • Look for use of linguistic devices like metaphors, alliteration, etc. in the script. These devices add depth to the text and character dialogues.

Simplicity of Language

  • Despite the dark themes and dangerous situations in the story, the language used is accessible and easy to understand.
  • This helps in reaching a wide range of audience successfully.

Stage Directions and Their Role

  • Space is given in the script for actors to follow stage directions.
  • Comprehending them is essential as it drives the action of the play and is crucial for staging or performance.

Emotional Undertone and Narration

  • Apart from the actual words used, also focus on the emotional undertones seeping through the language.
  • The narration, though done in simple language, helps unfurl the plot while manipulating the audience’s perceptions and emotions towards the characters.

Language and Themes

  • The language used significantly contributes to the story’s predominant themes of survival, fear, bravery, temptation, greed, and love.