Written Exams: Set Text Question

Written Exams: Set Text Question

Understanding the Set Text Question

  • Understand that the set text question is based on plays that you have explored during your drama lessons.
  • Remember, the set text question will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge of the play in detail. This can include major scenes, characters, storylines, dramatic techniques used, and the playwright’s intention.
  • Always plan your answers to avoid rambling and ensure your thoughts are presented in an organised manner.

Quotations and Analysis

  • Where possible, use short and concise quotations from the play which will help to illustrate your points.
  • Remember to analyse and discuss the dramatic methods used by the playwright, not just plot and character. You need to show your understanding of how the play is constructed dramatically.

Understanding the Context

  • Show your understanding of the social, historical and cultural context of the play. How might these factors have influenced the writing and interpretation of the drama?
  • Ensure to discuss the use of language, the form and structure of the play, and how these contribute to the dramatic effect – think about rhythm, pace, contrast, and dramatic devices.

Answering the Question

  • Always link your points back to the question and remember that it’s about the dramatic potential of the play, and not simply about what happens.
  • Include your personal responses – what you think about the characters, their actions, the situations they find themselves in, and your interpretation of the play.

Revision Techniques

  • Revise thoroughly ahead of time, making sure that you know the chosen play inside out before going into the written paper. Use a range of revision techniques to really embed your knowledge.