Things I Know to be True: characters

Things I Know to be True: characters

Characters in “Things I Know to be True”

The Price Family

  • Bob Price: The head of the Price family and a local mechanic. Throughout the play, he reveals his difficulties in expressing love to his children.

  • Fran Price: Bob’s wife and mother to their four children. A nurse by nature and profession, she’s affectionate but also stern and pragmatic.

  • Pip Price: The eldest daughter. Pip’s story focuses on her need to explore her own life and the struggles asociated with leaving her family behind.

  • Mark Price: The eldest son. His narrative deals with his struggle with identity and acceptance, particularly in relation to his gender.

  • Ben Price: The middle son. Ben’s story revolves around his ambition, his obsession with success, which ultimately leads to his downfall.

  • Rosie Price: The youngest of the Price children. Rosie’s narrative provides a unique perspective, as it is through her eyes the audience gain an understanding of the impact each family member’s decisions have on others.

Other Characters

  • Mia: Mark’s alter ego. Mia is Mark’s true self, forced into hiding due to societal norms but eventually accepting herself and inspiring acceptance from her family.

Remember: It’s crucial you understand each character’s personality traits, depth, and character arc. Always consider how they interact with others, how they’re seen by their family, and the impact of societal norms and expectations on their behaviour and choices. This will help you decipher key themes presented in the play.