Theatre manager: daily activities

Theatre Manager: Daily Activities

Management and Coordination

  • Administering day-to-day operations within the theatre environment encompasses a wide scope of responsibilities for the Theatre Manager.
  • Key duties of this role can include coordinating the schedule and logistics of various productions and performances. This task involves managing actor, director and crew availability, as well as performance and rehearsal times and venue availability.
  • They are also responsible for managing all theatre staff, a broad role that can include hiring, firing, scheduling, and dealing with any issues that arise.

Financial Management

  • Budgeting is another crucial aspect of the Theatre Manager’s role. This covers negotiating contracts, managing costs of shows, ensuring all necessary equipment and resources are provided within budgetary constraints and deciding on ticket prices.
  • Leadership of fund-raising activities is a potentially hefty duty, often relying on sourcing grants and sponsorship deals to subsidise costs.

Marketing and Outreach

  • The theatre manager also oversees advertising and public relations tasks. This can include producing promotional materials for shows and arranging publicity opportunities.
  • Another activity may entail community outreach and educational programming; cultivating community connections, collaborating with local schools and organising workshops or tours can be a key duty.

Safety and Customer Service

  • Prioritising health and safety is an unavoidable responsibility in any theatre. The theatre manager ensures compliance with all local and national health and safety regulations, including undertaking risk assessments and implementing evacuation procedures.
  • They are responsible for customer service, ensuring a positive audience experience from ticket purchase to show attendance.

Communication and Problem Solving

  • The manager handles communication with outside vendors and organisations, whether that be for licenses, copyright permissions or delivery of supplies for productions.
  • Every day, the Theatre Manager will be problem-solving in response to unplanned issues coming up, a demanding task requiring swift decisions whilst maintaining the smooth run of the theatre’s operations.