Blood Brothers: character motivation and interaction

Blood Brothers: character motivation and interaction

Mrs Johnstone (Mickey’s mother)

  • Motivation: Her main goal is to protect and provide for her children, even if it requires drastic measures, such as allowing one of her twins to be adopted.
  • Interaction: Mrs Johnstone is typically caring and friendly towards other characters. Her close relationship with Mickey signifies her love and dedication.

Mickey (Eddie’s twin)

  • Motivation: Mickey’s primary aim is to attain the same opportunities that Eddie has. He experiences jealousy and feelings of inadequacy because of their socioeconomic differences.
  • Interaction: Mickey looks up to Eddie with admiration and envy, often feeling inferior due to their difference in upbringing. He also shares a close bond with Linda.

Eddie (Mickey’s twin)

  • Motivation: Eddie wishes to bridge the gap caused by their socioeconomic differences. He is curious about Mickey’s lifestyle and wants to be a part of it.
  • Interaction: Eddie treats Mickey and Linda with respect and enjoys their company more than people from his social class, exemplifying his yearning for diversity in his life.

Mrs Lyons (Eddie’s adopted mother)

  • Motivation: Her primary aim is to keep Eddie to herself and to ensure he has the best possible upbringing.
  • Interaction: Mrs Lyons is manipulative and deceitful, especially towards Mrs Johnstone. Her interactions with Eddie are usually through a motherly guise, though she is often anxious and paranoid.

Linda (Mickey’s girlfriend)

  • Motivation: Linda’s goal is to love and support Mickey through his hardships. She also harbours feelings for Eddie, creating an emotional conflict.
  • Interaction: Linda interacts warmly with Mickey, displaying a caring and loyal persona. Her interaction with Eddie is more complex, balancing friendship and suppressed romantic feelings.


  • Motivation: The Narrator aims to convey the story to the audience, symbolising the characters’ conscience and the societal norms they are bound by.
  • Interaction: The Narrator doesn’t directly interact with the characters, instead commenting on their actions and their consequences, maintaining a ghost-like omnipresence throughout the plot.

Remember to focus on the socio-economic disparity brought out in the characters’ motivations and interactions. Also, discuss the symbolisms and metaphors used by the characters to express their intentions and feelings for a comprehensive understanding of Blood Brothers.